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musical and visual journey in the perception of time, with the Nederlands Kamerkoor

The summer is over. And the clock is merciless: time moves back an hour. The days get shorter. No more sultry evenings. We must prepare for the long, cold winter days. The Nederlands Kamerkoor sings about time, quick and slow, about darkness, while Lise Bruyneel reacts directly to the music with visuals. Together they will praise the dark days, and create a monument for time.

Compositions by Gesualdo, Uusberg, Part, Berio, Whitacre, Lang, Byström and the ‘4’33’ of Cage (really, I dared to put images on it)

The Time stands still
The Time stands still



Nederlands Kamerkoor

Klaas Stok (direction)

Lise Bruyneel (live video)


Performed at Wonderfeel festival, Pecs (Europa cantat/ Kodály Centre), Amsterdam (Muziekgebouw), Groningen (De Oosterpoort), Herenveen (Heilige Geestkerk) Utrecht (TivoliVredenburg, from 2 am until 2 am during the night of time change)



The Time stands still
The Time stands still
The Time stands still



David Lang - Again  

Carlo Gesualdo -  In Monte olivieti 

Pärt Uusberg- The day is so dark 

Eric Whitacre -  Sleep  

John Cage -  4’33” 

Luciano Berio - Cries of London part 6 

Arvo Pärt  - Da pacem

Carlo Gesualdo -  Tristis est anima 

Britta Bytström  - Lux aeterna  

David Lang  - Again  

Above a few pictures of performances in different halls,

below excerpts of the video recording made by Mezzo in Amsterdam.

Stills from my screen during live performances.

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