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piano recital around the last words of Socrates and Jesus, from Cage to Liszt

"Last words" always capture the imagination. Especially if they are the words of great historical figures such as Socrates or Christ. Socrates is the starting point of Satie's 'La mort de Socrate' and of Cage's 'cheap imitation' of it; the Stations of the Cross of Christ, in turn, is the inspiration for Liszt's 'Via Crucis'. With Satie, "the words" are still audible, but with Cage and Liszt they live on only as vague shadows in the score. Through a video projection by Lise Bruyneel, however, the words are gradually brought back to mind.

The visuals were quite static while the typography was disappearing during the death of Socrates (Satie and Cage). During Liszt ‘Via Crucis’, the focus landed on images, playing with the iconography of the via crucis during art history, combining details of paintings, drawings, contemporary photography and video creation.

Laatste woorden



Jan Michiels (piano)

Lore Binon (voice)
Lise Bruyneel (live video)

Erik Satie, La mort de Socrate 

John Cage, Cheap Imitation III 

Frans Liszt, Via Crucis  


Leuven (Schouwburg)


Laatste woorden
Laatste woorden
Laatste woorden
Jan Michiels
Laatste woorden

Above a few pictures of the concert in Leuven.

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