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Image dramaturg, artistic director, image researcher, iconographer, graphic designer what’s in a name? My profession is not easy to label and colleagues from the theatre and music world often do not understand at first glance what I do. I am neither a pure graphic designer nor a communication strategist, I am a listening eye, I link images to music and theatre. I search for images and graphics that will become next seasons brochures, posters, magazines, websites and other supports of visual communication that accompany a theatre production, opera, dance, orchestra, concert hall etc.

To invite and entice new audiences to your organization. The association between music and visual arts has always been close, even more so in modern society where the image is dominant.
Because classical works can be placed in the ‘now’ by association with a suitable image. This image will be the first contact between the spectator and the spectacle.
Because a strong visual identity, created in collaboration with the artistic direction and graphic designer, emphasises your vision.
Because traditional programme booklets, concert brochures as well as CD covers often use the same images and look alike.  
Because I offer an insiders eye to the musical and theatrical world whereas image specialists know little about the world of performing arts.

Metaphoric images are used primarily, as photographs of performing art remove the dynamic whereas a symbolic image suggests a whole new world of experience.
By using images from confirmed artists (visual artists or photographers), images found in galleries, exhibitions or books, or images from younger artists, found on internet.
Sometimes new images are created in collaboration with photographers in order to produce portraits full of meaning but in a precise context.

Concretely, my work is divided in three specific parts:
1. First research is conducted on the works that are to be performed. Discussions are held with the artistic and management teams.
2. Secondly, extensive image and design research is carried out to create a strong visual identity.
3. Finally after a choice has been made on the principal direction to be taken. The work is followed through, from copyright reproduction requests to graphic design and production inspection, until the final product is published.

More concretely, you will find some examples of my work in the portfolio.

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